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What FEA and a CES® Certification Are


The Certified Exchange Specialist (CES®) program was developed by the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA), the premier professional trade organization to which all exchange accommodators such as qualified intermediaries should belong. FEA members regularly receive news bulletins via email from the specialists at FEA alerting its members to new and proposed changes to the Internal Revenue Code, IRS Regulations, Revenue Rulings and Technical Advice Menoranda. FEA also keeps its members advised of important private letter rulings and conducts seminars and programs at which experts in income taxation discuss income taxes with special emphasis on the provisions of the Code pertaining to exchanges. (Section 1031 is not the only provisions of the Code that deals with exchanges.)

The CES program was established to create nationally recognized standards of knowledge for exchange specialists and to recognize professionals who meet the rigorous standards established for the CES designation.

To be designated a CES, an individual has to demonstrate high moral character, be enganged in exchanges for a minium of three years, and pass a highly competitive and difficult examination. In order to pass the examination, the applicant must have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the Code, the Regulations, various Revenue Procedures, Technical Advise Memoranda, Revenue Rulings and Private Letter Rulings.

The examination itself is 150 minutes in length and consists of 120 multiple choice questions that contain 4 choices. The applicant must answer at least 96 questions correctly. The questions are difficult and frequently tricky. It is hard to complete the exam within the allotted time.